Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Who Needs T.V. When You Have Wing Chun?

Si-Fu Eric Oram and Si-Hing Robert Downey, Jr., training on-set

Sorry for the long absence. I’ve been doing my best to enjoy my summer vacation and have spent more time running up and down the state for classes than I have in front of my computer. But I'd rather be doing Wing Chun than sitting in front of a screen, anyway.

A week ago, Si-Fu Oram (who is currently co-ordinating fight sequences for Iron Man 2) was forced to change the upcoming sash testing date from a Tuesday to a Saturday, so I now have no excuse for not going. Nevermind the fact that I have to leave at stupid o’clock that same morning, in order to accommodate a previously-organized Friday night sedition session of part-time community college faculty. One week. Now, less than that. By the time I post this, I’ll be staring down the barrel of the weekend. Urg.

One new development has been extremely helpful. Si-Fu Tom Schoellhammer, who graduated from LAWCA, is trying to build a following on the Peninsula—his Millbrae Rec. Center courses started this week on Monday. My husband signed up, so we got a sitter for the kids and made a date of it. He was nervous, but Si-Fu went easy on us and my sweetie did quite well. And while there haven’t been enough classes yet to truly help me with my testing this weekend, I’m ecstatic to finally have an instructor who knows the style I’ve been trained in, and who will likely continue to teach in the area. Six consecutive Mondays for $40, total? You can’t beat that.

The best part? My husband finally understands exactly where my bruises come from. And I have a training partner!

Still, I’m stressing. I know I have the offensive pak-sau/punch and the defensive lop-sau/punch footwork down. We actually practiced the latter in Si-Fu Schoellhammer’s class on Monday. But offensive lap-sau/punch? I’m still not 100% sure. I know that I’m stepping forward, pressing my opponent’s balance, but which stance am I using for which punch coming at me? I combed through YouTube videos until the wee hours, last night, to no avail. Every one of the instructors who had posted there used a different term. Annoyed after watching too many modified versions of Wing Chun, I gave up and went back to Spider Solitaire.

This morning, my husband and I practiced our stances in the kitchen while the kids ate breakfast. When I looked over, they had the same fascinated, slack-jawed expressions on their faces they exhibit while watching cartoons. I turned back and grinned.

I mean really, who needs T.V. when you have Wing Chun?

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